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Healthy Living Program

This program focuses on creating long lasting habits that will not only help you in your weight management journey, but will also help you and your family stay healthy.

The program is run over 12 weeks in order to emphasis the fact that making healthy choices is a lifestyle.  Even 12 weeks doesn't seem long enough sometimes!  


Every other week, the group meets for 1 hour to check in with each other and the supervising doctor, talk about the triumphs/challenges around the changes we've made, and if you wish, take your body measurements (weight, body fat percentage).

This program is designed for those who:

  • Want to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way

  • Have difficulties keeping weight off

  • Want to know the ins and outs of living a healthy lifestyle

  • Are unsure where to start, or what else to do to live a healthier life

Included in this program are:

  • Six interactive group learning sessions

  • One tub of protein powder

  • Six B12 injections

  • Binder with all program handouts

  • Functional examination/consult with Dr. Zaerian

  • *New patients:  30 minute consult with Dr. Cho prior to beginning the program

Program Topics Include:

  • Basics of Healthy Living

  • What are macronutrients? A look at carbs, fats, and proteins and how they affect weight and overall health

  • Exercise, the research on how best to use it in your favour

  • Healthy grocery shopping, how to make sense of labels and how to deal with cravings

  • The stress-weight connection and practical ways to manage stress

  • Food sensitivities, gut health, and weight

*New patients must have a 30 minute consult/assessment with Dr. Cho prior to starting the program

For more information on program dates and registration, contact Dr. Cho.

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