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Seasonal Detox

We all know that certain things happen in our body after a couple weeks (maybe months?) of falling out of our ideal patterns.  Sometimes we need a bit of structure to help get past those chocolate/sugar/potato chip cravings, but it's easier said than done.  


This 4 week program is run just a couple times a year to provide that structure you need to help reset your body.  Learn what it means to "detox", why it's such a controversial term, and what it can do for your body.   We try to keep things as simple as possible and give you tools that you can use every time you want to "detox."

Included in this package are:

  • Liver support supplement

  • 2 x 1 hour in person/group sessions

  • Binder with notes 

  • Body measurements at week 1 and week 4

Please note that prior to beginning this program, a consult with Dr. Cho is required.  Existing patients of Dr. Cho may enroll in the program without an additional consult.

For more information on dates, pricing, and registration, contact Dr. Cho.

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