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Workplace Wellness

Dr. Cho's workplace wellness, or corporate health, programs aim to accomplish 3 goals:

  1. Optimize health

  2. Maximize productivity

  3. Increase employee engagement

According to a 2011 Statistics Canada report, each full-time employee lost 7.7 working days (on average) due to illness or disability.  These stats do not include hours lost due to suboptimal health where an employee was still present at work but not performing at his/her best.

Keys to reducing illness-related missed days include:

  • Stress management

  • Pain relief

  • Preventing seasonal illness (colds, flus, allergies)

Showing interest in employee health and well being assists in creating more engaged employees  We know that employees that are engaged on multiple levels (social, psychological) in their work are more likely to feel excited about their job and company.

Our services are geared towards making it convenient for employers to encourage healthy behaviors.  From group seminars on health topics to offering one on one appointment in your company's office, we provide several avenues for you to explore.

Services Include:

  • Wellness seminars and presentations

  • Onsite 1 on 1 appointments

  • Group wellness programs for employees

  • Online patient portal for easy access to treatment plans and scheduling

For more information on workplace wellness services, contact Dr. Cho.

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